“Sleeping-Off” the Alcohol

"Sleeping-off" a few drinks in your car to sober up before driving home seems like a good idea, however there may be some consequences to that decision. Under Maryland law, it is a crime to drive, or be in "actual physical custody" of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. What constitutes "actual physical custody" will depend on the facts of each individual case. A court will take into account a number of factors including:

1) Whether or not the vehicle's engine is running, or the ignition on;
2) Where and in what position the person is found in the vehicle;
3) Whether the person is awake or asleep;
4) Where the vehicle's ignition key is located;
5) Whether the vehicle's headlights are on;
6) Whether the vehicle is located in the roadway or is legally parked.

Atkinson v. State, 331 Md.199 (1993).

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