Buffet pays $550K to child scalded by soup
"Friendly suit" filed in Montgomery County following settlement
New Protocols for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations
The USDOJ released the new National Protocol for Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examinations. This updated the 2004 protocol.
A.P. Pishevar's Appearances on Fox News A.P. Pishevar's Appearances on Voice of America Keynote Speaker What In the Name of God...? An Interview with Jesus' Lawyer
I recently tried to find Jesus Christ, but I couldn't get past his lawyer (A.P. Pishevar).
Arab Waiter Can Take Lawsuit Forward
July 18, 2002
Daily Record

A Denny's Restaurant server who claims he was discriminated against at work and fired because he is a Palestinian Arab is entitled to his day in court, a federal judge in Greenbelt has decided. Karam Elries, who worked at the Denny's on Quince Orchard Road in Gaithersburg from September 1997 until August 1998, filed a Title VII action against his former employer in February 2000.

Memorandum Opinion: Agrippah M. Mutambara et al. v. Lufthansa German Airlines

Ambassador Agrippah M. Mutambara, Esther Mutambara, and their two children Ibrahim and Mwaarianesu (collectively, "the plaintiffs") bring this suit against Lufthansa German Airlines ("Lufthansa" or "the defendant"). The plaintiffs allege that Lufthansa personnel at the Frankfurt International Airport harassed and discriminated against the plaintiffs based on their African and perceived Muslim origin by questioning the validity of their visas and refusing to allow the two children to board a connecting flight to Moscow.

Denying Christ
April 25, 2005
Legal Times

John Denver may have considered West Virginia "almost heaven," but Jesus Christ actually owns land there. D.C. resident Peter Robert Phillips claims he has gone by the name Jesus Christ for 15 years. It's the name that appears on his D.C. driver's license, his Social Security card, and his passport. But now, Christ's continued use of the name rests with a higher power—the D.C. courts. According to Christ's attorney, A.P. Pishevar, his client's use of the name is an expression of his personal religious beliefs similar to the use of Jesus in Hispanic cultures or Muhammad in Muslim cultures.

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Pishevar - - Hot Corp.'s latest transaction
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