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A Confession Alone, Without Corroboration as to Corpus Delicti Is Not Enough to Convict a Defendant In a Criminal Case

At trial, evidence must be sufficient to support conviction. A confession by itself is not sufficient. Adequate evidence of corpus delicti independent of defendant's statements of confession. See LEMONS v. STATE, 49 Md. App. 467, 433 A.2d 1179 (1981) The corroboration must touch the corpus delicti in the sense of the injury against whose occurrence the law is directed. Although the corroboration need not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury must be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt of the corpus delicti without using the confessions, before they may consider the confessions at all. Gray v. Com., 101 Pa. 380, 47 Am. Rep. 733; State v. Laliyer, 4 Minn. 368 (Gil. 277); Lambright v. State, 34 Fla. 564, 16 South. 582; Pitts v. State, 43 Miss. 472.

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