Contracts, Commercial Leases and the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Law of Force Majeure can be complicated. Like any other concept in law, it does not exist in a vacuum, it takes advocacy and legal skill to properly apply it to any specific set of circumstances. Generally, force majeure refers to unforeseeable circumstances of great magnitude that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract. The theory is interrelated to other similar subjects such as impossibly, frustration of commercial purpose, acts of god and impracticability. Force Majeure has been applied to wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, to the coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic. It is a common clause in many contracts and some related concepts may be implied in or imposed by law in certain commercial circumstances. Feel free to contact me to discuss your company's needs for an effective outside general counsel or in-house attorney who can advocate the interests of your company. Happy to discuss and be helpful. #law #generalcounsel #lawyer #forcemajeure #inhousecounsel

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