Client Reviews

Excellent Criminal Defense Firm

I hired Mr. Pishevar for a DUI case that I had gotten in Washington D.C. a few years ago. The reason that I think that Mr. Pishevar is a good attorney is because he never pressured me to accept the plea agreement that the prosecution offered me. Often times lawyers want to take the "easy" way out and pressure you to take the first deal the prosecution offers.. I will also impressed by this composure in court. Fortunately I haven't had the need to hire him since, but would definitely recommend him in this field.

- Anonymous

a great attorney at affordable price

A.P. is a great attorney, very knowable and compassionate, his skills helped me to success in a civil demand. Him and his highly qualified associates support me during all difficult process, he provided me with personal approach to achieve a favorable result. A.P. services are very affordable for the high quality

- Francisco

An amazing, trustworthy lawyer

Mr. Pishevar has been amazing these past 6+ months helping us through a CINA case. He is very dedicated and there is someone always available at his office. He took the time to learn the truth and has defended our family. We are very grateful.

- Julie

No one cares more or does more for their clients

I came to Mr. Pishevar hurting, with the weight of the world on my shoulders. One evening I arrived at his office around 7pm, well after many lawyers have called it a day. He warmly and openly welcomed me into the office, and intently listened to my issues. I could really tell by looking at his face that he was intently listening, and really cared about my issue.

After I was finished telling him about what I was facing, it was obvious that his gears were quickly turning. His passion and understanding towards my issue were clear. He matched my desire to win my case. He wanted my positive outcome just as bad as I did, and it's clear that he cares.

It's so hard to find an attorney who actually really cares for your problem. I had gone to so many attorneys before him, and most wouldn't even come near my case. For example, after consulting with one attorney, that attorney said, "I won't touch your case for less than $15,000- and I would need the money upfront. I advise you to get an attorney because you, sir, have a very serious issue that you need to deal with." ...My interaction with that attorney left such a bad taste in my mouth- I didn't need someone to quote me a ridiculous fee and tell me about how bad my issue was. An attorney should empathize and empower the client, and that's just what Mr. Pishevar does.

The end result? Mr. Pishevar obtained the same result for me, with a much better attitude, for a fraction of the price. He handled my case with finesse, suave, and a cool calmness that soothed my anxieties because I knew my case was in good hands.

He's always there when you call him, and this is a testament to the fact that he values you- he's accessible and reachable to all his clients. Everything that other lawyers are not, Mr. Pishevar is- honest, caring, dedicated, impassioned, compassionate, and direct. If you've ever had a bad experience with a lawyer, give Mr. Pishevar a try because he will redefine any experience you have previously had. If society based their idea of what a lawyer is off of Mr. Pishevar, people would say very different things about lawyers.

It's clear from talking to anyone who knows Mr. Pishevar, that he is a great person. Anyone I've met has said that Mr. Pishevar is one of the best people they know, and he truly is. Having Mr. Pishevar in my corner transformed the legal process because I knew that a great person had my back and was looking out for my interests. Wouldn't you want the best person you know looking out for you?

- OT


Prior to even realizing that my situation would require any legal assistance, I met Mr. Pishevar and briefly described my situation to him. He calmly replied, “Give me a call.” From the moment he provided me with his card, I had a feeling that I was making the right choice. Mr. Pishevar’s entire team treated my case as if it was the most important case in the world. When dealing with legal matters, it is very easy to become discouraged or loose focus, but having this team in my corner was a plus. Their level of professionalism, service and pure commitment to hard work simply cannot be matched or surpassed. Not to sound like I’m doing a commercial…but I actually felt bad for the other lawyer. In conclusion, my experience with this team resulted in victory providing me with the opportunity to share my good fortune with others. If you have a legal matter that most definitely needs legal assistance, do not waste time…make the RIGHT CHOICE…call A.P. Pishevar & Associates.

- Laurance

Fearless Immigration Lawyer

I have known Afshin Pishevar for about 8 years now and he has represented my entire family through all these years. He has helped my 2 sisters through their citizenship process and my parents divorce. The whole process was smooth and always with a happy end. However he really step out on my case. I had a very complicated immigration case that most of the lawyers didn't give me any hope. However, Lawyer Pishevar not only gave me hope but he executed every single possibility to find out a solution of my case. He made feel like he took it personally and because of it he was able to find a permanent solution to my case. These are the main reasons why I would highly recommend Lawyer Pishevar, his commitment and dedication to every case makes him a Outstanding Lawyer.

- Mirla

A great Lawyer

Mr Pishevar is a great attorney. He helped me in a case that other attorneys refused to take. They all said the amount I was fighting for was too small. He did it and I got all my money back from the listing agent. I have two other cases for him right now.

- Kokou

Excellent Immigartion work

My family and I requsted Mr Pishevar to handel our immigartion case. We found his staff and his firm so accommodating and helpful. Not only they managed to meet our required travel time frame but more importantly they made constant contact with us during the whole process until final stage.

- Anonymous

Afshin Pishevar - Superb Representation

Afshin handled a couple different civil matters for me and I could not be happier with his representation. He leveraged his experience, the law, and every shred of information I provided him to do everything within his control to give us the highest probability of a positive outcome. In any type of court case there will inevitably be situations where you need to rely on your attorney's experience to be able to react quickly and mitigate unanticipated events. Afshin is intuitive, very intelligent, and comes to court prepared for any such event. My divorce was anything but your every day run-of-the-mill case. It included my ex-wife taking our kids to another state and refusing to return and other civil matters. Through all of the turmoil he kept the case moving forward by communicating with me, the court, the opposing attorneys, and when necessary even my ex-wife. It was because of Afshin's involvement and caring about his client that he was able to move a divorce case from very contentious in the early to middle stage to an amicable agreement out of court in the end. I can even report at this time that my ex-wife and I have a good co-parenting relationship. I am not sure that would be the case had I had representation from an attorney other than Afshin. I gladly recommend Afshin to anyone looking for rock solid, engaged representation.

- John

Out of State Client – Very Efficient and Professional

AP, did a fantastic job representing me while I was out of state. He kept me very informed via email, and he responded to all my inquiries in a timely and professional manner. He truly knows his ‘stuff’ and is well respected in the judicial system for his area. He was even willing to work with me on pricing.

Overall, I was very satisfied and lucky to find Mr. Pishevar to assist me with my defense. He saved my time and money by handling everything for me via email and phone, saving me a couple trips back to Maryland.

- Anonymous

A good attorney is hard to find, but AP is GREAT! Stop looking - hire this man right now!

I admit it, I have needed a attorneys for a lot of different things over the past few decades, but over the past seven years AP has become my go-to guy whenever I have a legal problem. AP really cares about doing what is right for his clients - he gives 100% all the time, it's amazing.

AP has really helped me out when I needed it the most, that's for sure! I was so relieved the first time - he gets results, but he also gives it to you straight. AP helped me understand what was happening so I could make good decisions, and everything happened just like he said. The man knows his stuff! AP is a stand up guy and you can trust what he says.

I have known some super good people who have gotten done over really bad just because they had a bad attorney, especially in divorces and criminal stuff. Happens all the time. I don't know if those bad ones are just stupid crooked or lazy, but they can really mess up your life forever.

But AP rocks! I refer people to AP any time I know someone who needs someone to look out for them in a legal situation.

AP does criminal or civil stuff and even some immigration, so he pretty well has it covered. AP knows his limits, and he has high standards - if there is something you need that he doesn't do, he knows someone who does, and you can bet that they will be good.

- CT

Dedicated and Best Lawyer

He was great in dedicating his time to research all possibilities of the laws and status to determine the best way to fight the case. He advised and explained what was in our best interest. He would explain exactly what he was filing with the court and what would be mailed to opposing counsel. If there was an emergency, he was always available. I could not ask for a better attorney.

- Melaine

Great lawyer

He and his staff really have a good "bedside manor" he really got into my case I'm very happy with the outcome of my case

- Ata

A.P. is the best!!!!!

Mr. Pishevar is probably the best attorney money can buy; WHY??? Because he digs deep into your case and assures his client that failure is not an option. He's been my loyal, dedicated, and helpful legal advisor for nearly 10 years - and I have never once considered alternate counsel. By the way - I've prevailed

- Brenda

Client Reviews
He was great in dedicating his time to research all possibilities of the laws and status to determine the best way to fight the case... Melanie
Mr. Pishevar is probably the best attorney money can buy; WHY??? Because he digs deep into your case and assures his client that failure is not an option... Brenda