Important Information For Marriage-Based Immigration Petitions: The Interview Process.


There are 1001 ways an interview may go. This description is only for general information purposes.

Please make sure you bring your I.D., your appointment letter, your Passport, your Visa, I-94 and any other items issued by the U.S. Government concerning your immigration status. Also, bring all your documentation in support of the petition such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, copies of the bank statements, bills, apartment lease or house deed, affidavits, etc. Check in at the window and have a seat in the waiting room. Do not have loud conversations as that may be disturbing if overheard others. Do not be late.

Warning : There is an extensive security check at the lobby, so get there at least 20 minutes early. If you are late, you may lose your opportunity.

You will be called to go in with your husband or wife and your lawyer. Your lawyer cannot answer the questions for you. Your attorney is there to resolve procedural or legal issues. You will be sworn in and placed under “oath.” Your voice and image will be taped and recorded live to preserve your testimony.

Most importantly, you should be completely honest, on time, cooperative, polite and calm. Answer the questions. In order to do that, you must listen carefully and answer the question. Not more, not less.

(Make sure, your documents are true, genuine, authentic, legible and unaltered. The slightest irregularity or alteration may cause severe ramifications for you.)

A decision may be made right then and there. Most likely the decision will be made later and mailed out. You may need to have your fingerprints taken at the end of the interview. It could be a few days or even several months. Once, approved, you will receive your green card in a few weeks. You are a legal permanent resident once you have your approval notice, which you can immediately take to the INS with an (info pass appointment) to get a stamp in your passport. You must carry your Green Card with you at all times once you have received it. It is required by Federal Law. If you are Honest, calm and Prepared, you will be successful and you have nothing to worry about.

  1. How do you spell your spouse’s full name?
  2. What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  3. Where was your spouse born?
  4. What are the names of your spouse’s parents?
  5. When did you get married?
  6. Where did you get married?
  7. What family members attended your wedding?
  8. What did you do after the wedding ceremony? (have a party, go out to eat, etc.)
  9. Does your spouse have any siblings? What are their names? Where do they live?
  10. Does your spouse have any children? If so, what are their names and ages? What schools do they attend? (do you have an Album? Pictures?)
  11. Does your spouse have any tattoos or scars? If so, what and where are they?
  12. What is your home telephone number?
  13. What is your spouse’s cell phone number?
  14. When did you first meet your spouse?
  15. Where did you first meet your spouse?
  16. When did you and your spouse first start dating?
  17. Where were you living when you met your spouse?
  18. Where was your spouse living when he/she first met you?
  19. Who proposed to whom?
  20. Where did the proposal occur?
  21. When did the proposal occur?
  22. Have you taken any trips together? If so, when and where?
  23. Have you met your spouse’s family? If so, who did you meet, where and when?
  24. When was the last time you spoke to your spouse’s family?
  25. Who lives with you now?
  26. What is your address?
  27. What is the main street you turn off of to get to your house?
  28. What is the closest Metro station to your house?
  29. How many different places have the two of you lived since getting married?
  30. Is your current residence a house, apartment, condo, townhouse, etc.?
  31. How much is your monthly rent or mortgage?
  32. How many bedrooms are in your residence?
  33. How many bathrooms are in your residence?
  34. Is there a t.v. in your bedroom? If so, where is it located?
  35. What other electronics (stereo, clock, etc.) are in your bedroom and where are they located?
  36. How many closets are in your bedroom?
  37. How do you and your spouse share the closet? Choose a side, mix clothes, etc.?
  38. What other furniture is in the bedroom?
  39. Is there a ceiling fan in your bedroom?
  40. Where does your spouse keep his/her socks?
  41. Is there carpet or hardwood floors in the bedroom?
  42. What side of the bed (if you were in the bed) do you sleep on?
  43. What color are your bedroom walls?
  44. What is the color of your blanket and sheets on your bed?
  45. What color is your shower curtain?
  46. What color is your spouse’s toothbrush?
  47. What color are the bathroom walls?
  48. What color is the stove? The refrigerator? Kitchen cabinets?
  49. If there is another bedroom, what furniture is in there?
  50. What time did you and your spouse go to bed last night?
  51. What were you and your spouse wearing for pajamas last night?
  52. What time did you wake up this morning?
  53. Was your spouse also awake or still sleeping?
  54. What time did you leave to get to this appointment?
  55. What type of car did you come in today?
  56. Where did you park for this appointment?
  57. Where do you normally park your car at your house?
  58. What type of car is it? What year is it?
  59. What color is your car?
  60. Where does your spouse work?
  61. What time does your spouse normally leave for work? Come home from work?
  62. What is your spouse’s work number?
  63. How often does your spouse get paid?
  64. When did your spouse last work? What were the work hours?
  65. When did you last work? What were your work hours?
  66. How often do you get paid?
  67. What type of birth control, if any, do you use?
  68. What is your spouse’s favorite color?
  69. Who does the food shopping for your house?
  70. What is the closest supermarket to your house?
  71. Who normally cooks dinner in your house?
  72. What was the last meal that you ate together? What did you eat?
  73. Who pays the bills?
  74. What did you do last weekend?
  75. Who is your spouse’s best friend?
  76. What is your spouse’s religion?
  77. Does your spouse smoke or drink?
  78. Does your spouse have any medical conditions?
  79. What and when was your last argument?
  80. How did you celebrate the last major holiday? (New Years, Christmas, birthday)?
  81. What did your spouse buy you for your birthday? Christmas? New Years? Eid? Nowrooz? Quanza? Chanukah? Etc.
  82. Let me see both sets of your Keys (to compare them). What is this key for? Which one is your mailbox key? Why are there 2 Keys? Why don’t you both have mailbox keys?

- There is no “one way” to have a true marriage and there are cultural differences that may cause variances in a bona fide marriage. These, however, are some of the questions the INS uses to test the bona fides. In the standard American scenario there are many other life details that you “would normally know” in a bona fide marriage that can be asked, but you get the idea … -GOOD LUCK!

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